Process for regenerating neurons in the eye and brain identified

The expiration of neurons, whether in the brain or the eye, can result in a number of human neurodegenerative disorders. Current treatments for these disorders can only slow the progression of the illness, because once a neuron dies, it cannot be replaced. Now, a team of researchers has identified networks of genes that regulate the process responsible for determining whether […]

A simple enrollment change yields big dividends in children’s early learning program

Study shows automatic enrollment, paired with option to opt-out, is highly effective at boosting parents’ participation Researchers know that texting programs can greatly benefit young children’s literacy. Now new research shows that parents’ participation in such programs can be boosted exponentially with one simple tweak: automatic enrollment, combined with the ability to opt out. In recent years, mounting research evidence […]

10 surprising health facts you should know

10 facts you may not know about health and fitness There is so much information around when it comes to health and fitness that it can be difficult to know all the facts. Here are 10 health facts that may surprise you: #1 Sugar is as bad for you as cigarettes Although sugar does not have the same stigma attached […]

5 tips to balance study, work and life

It feels like you’re juggling a thousand things and you jump from one priority to the other. I do it all the time. It’s a constant dance of dealing with deadlines and responsibilities that can leave you feeling exhausted. Try following these steps to an effective, productive, balanced life when you have many balls in the air! 1. SET BOUNDARIES […]

20 random health facts you probably don’t know

Ever wondered about the positive effects of laughter on your health? Or what eyebrows are for? We have, and so we’ve put together a list of 20 random health facts, sourced from the far corners of the world wide web, to ignite your curiosity about the amazing human body. Laughing 100 times is equivalent to 15 minutes of exercise on […]

Hunger encourages risk-taking

The lives of animals in the wild are full of risky situations with uncertain outcomes. Whether they are exploring new habitats in unfamiliar terrain or searching for new food sources, they run the risk of being caught and killed by a predator. In many instances, their very survival depends on a single decision. Whether an animal decides to take a […]